Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~*~BORNIILOVE Sweet Romantic consolation Prize~*~

I am so happy this morning to check the mail box and it comes with this goodies. I won the Sweet Romantic Giveaway and the prize has arrived. It is consolation prize and I fall in love with the nail polish. My first time to own a bottle of Paul and Joe nail colour 12, the prize is all the way from Singapore. :D

You can take part giveaway because there is chance for you to win, if you don't take part you lose the chance. So don't forget my free ribbon necklace and bracelet giveaway, this is going to extend but not set the date yet.

This prize really cheer me up as I wasn't happy and in bad mood yesterday, my foot still pain and this morning he has no idea about it and not remember to ask me at all. You can find out here to read more.
There were5 other consolation sets to giveaway. I am one of the winners of consolation prize. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Why cannot plant bamboo in house?

I head to the restaurant for dinner with my parents and I was told that bamboo is pretty plant but cannot plant inside the house. I mean not even the garden in house, you can plant outside home not inside your house. This owner of the restaurant says that the bamboo protects the home but if you plant inside the house then it bring something else at home. I think he means to say ghost.

The restaurant is at the shop and he has plant many beautiful plants infront the shop and he says it takes a year to plant such beautiful plants. You cannot hurry love!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Get to know more about Red

I like to read about my friend blog and Red has so much to say and share. This interesting post about her special date that she remember and also her anniversary. :D

Her son birthday on 5th Feb, her mom on 7th Feb, Red birthday on 11th Feb, her bro long time GF birthday on 20th. So much info in the post just click above link to read. :D

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I won second prize from DDF Contest

I won the second prize from DDF Contest, you can check out the contest which I blogged earlier. DDF Contest result is out and you can see who are the winners at the blog.

Congratulations to the winners! The order they came out are as follows:

1 ~ Maria Liza ... 14 day ad on Adgitize
2 ~ Sherry ... 7 day ad on Adgitize
3 ~ tatess ... 1000 Entrecard Credits

Yeah my name is the second above. :D

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ramadhan Giveaway by Syasya Creative

I love giveaway and I am taking part to win Ramadhan Giveaway by Syasya Creative, you can take part too.

Syasya Creative has many handmade items to share with you, you can choose the fabrics that you prefer for the bag/tote designed.You can click on the below link to see more of the bag pattern and fabrics.
Travelling Bag = frm RM55 -Rm80
Diaper bag = frm RM40 -RM65
Tote Bag=frm RM35-RM50
Telekung Bag = frm RM30 - RM35
Sling Bag = frm RM 40 - RM55
Laptop Sleeve = frm RM38 -RM50
Make Up bag = frm RM15 - RM20
CrossBody Bag(NEW)=rm55
coins Pouch (NEW)=rm10
Pencil Case(NEW)=RM15
Book/Journal Cover (NEW)=rm28-rm38
Passport Holder(NEW)=rm16
Nursing Cover(NEW)=rm45-RM55
Tissue Holder + tissue(NEW) - RM4

**the price might be slightly differ due to material use..

Giveaway starts and ends 16/8/2010 - 26/8/2010

Don't just read here to take part just click on above link. Good luck.

I am eyeing on the wonderful Syasya Bag and Multi Pockets pouch, I love the designed by Syasya so unique and they are 100% handmade.
Hadiah 1
Syasya Bag n Multi Pockets pouch

Hadiah 2
Pencil Case n Book cover + bOok

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Giveaway from Polkadots Cottage

I love giveaway and I am taking part to win Giveaway from Polkadats Cottage, you can take part too.
Giveaway held at http://pikoponpon.blogspot.com

Polkadot's Cottage baru first time nak buat GA ni..
bermula 12 Ogos 2010 - 23 Ogos 2010
Keputusan akan diumumkan pada 24 Ogos 2010

Hadiah-hadiahnya :

Small plaque - cat's rule dog's drool
1 set glass coaster (4 pieces)
1handmade bookmark

Welcome Signage Boys and Girls
1 set glass coaster (4 pieces)
1 handmade bookmark

1 set glass coaster (4pieces)
1 handmade bookmark

* glass coaster untuk 5 pemenang

( 3 orang sahaja )

I am tagging my friends on this giveaway, they are 

To take part this giveaway just click on above link.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Flowers from Cameron Highlands

You are looking at beautiful flowers from Cameron Highlands as for the bamboo I purchase from Carrefour during Chinese New Year.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

At apartment of Cameron Highlands


This is my favourite yellow tee, yeah you don't see my face. Me and my friend in this picture, we had great time at Cameron Highlands. This place is book by a friend we not get the contact of this apartment this unit has three rooms and two toilets. We need to walk four floors to reach the apartment yes very tiring but we had fun!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Empire Gallery shopping mall

This location is nearby Subang Parade, it is Empire Gallery Shopping Mall it is also attached to the Empire Hotel. The hotel ball room is very pretty can put up to 34 tables.

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