Friday, May 22, 2015

2012 was last we keep in touch?

The tea party that I never get, two of them didn't come along because I told them that the party is not real as they want you to purchase package only allow you to go enjoy party. Apparently this year, one of them that still my friends some how become very attached to me. We are not closed friend, just friend but it go beyond of what I have expected until they asking so much on details in events.  

It's getting uneasy and uncomfortable to chat about it. Somehow I am like a messenger or what, she asking me why I didn't inform the other person about this or did other asking about this. This is funny questions, how can one person can think of so many questions but didn't bother to go ask the person herself? 

Just recently so sudden she with interest to know more and want to be more attach in everything I do. But she never says on what she's doing then, she would suddenly telling you that I have told you about this before in front of other person saying that. 

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