Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fun event I attended at Sunway Lagoon

I am very happy to get go Sunway Lagoon with my friends. I have fullest fun with my friend, I am so happy to get to hang out with Jane, she's kind mommy of five children. Do check out her pretty blog, and interesting posts. They are many pictures on her blog you can see too. I like to congrats her on winning many wonderful prizes. :D

My first time to see Cindy, hehe.. she's one hot mommy! Jasmine my second time to see her, earlier was in baby fair in Midvalley. Hehe.. I didn't know it was her.. lol..  Both mommies are friendly and they are sporting too.

Love to thanks my lovely friends for this lovely event to Kiss Me Sunway Lagoon. I have so much fun with you! :D

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