Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~*~BORNIILOVE Sweet Romantic consolation Prize~*~

I am so happy this morning to check the mail box and it comes with this goodies. I won the Sweet Romantic Giveaway and the prize has arrived. It is consolation prize and I fall in love with the nail polish. My first time to own a bottle of Paul and Joe nail colour 12, the prize is all the way from Singapore. :D

You can take part giveaway because there is chance for you to win, if you don't take part you lose the chance. So don't forget my free ribbon necklace and bracelet giveaway, this is going to extend but not set the date yet.

This prize really cheer me up as I wasn't happy and in bad mood yesterday, my foot still pain and this morning he has no idea about it and not remember to ask me at all. You can find out here to read more.
There were5 other consolation sets to giveaway. I am one of the winners of consolation prize. 


  1. hi sherry,

    i like the way u blog it. glad the prizes cheer u up. i love the pink nail color on u! its lovely.

    fon't forget, there's another shu uemura giveaway. http://borniilove.blogspot.com/2010/08/shu-uemura-uv-liquid-foundation.html


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