Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DoubleNOR's Creative handmade bags and more

To be honest with you I am still thinking of the fabrics which I like for the handmade bags. 

HC 49

HC 38

HC 54


Below is the designs of bags that I like.

Will be very nice if the above design with the below big ribbon at bottom. :D

LiaLudin minta reben besar diletakkan di tepi beg.Beliau juga mahukan velcro tape as closure.

Beg Simpulan Kasih warna maroon adalah salah satu projek yang saya hasilkan.Beg ini bersaiz 17"x 12 1/2" x4". Seperti biasa dijahitkan span dibelakang facing.Ada 3 poket di dalam.

Above are some of my favourite, if you want to see more head to http://doublenorcreative.blogspot.com/

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