Saturday, January 16, 2010

Surprise I won!

Yeah I love to take part in contest, and I won a blog header worth RM50. I am so happy, check out who are the winners! I

Third *Surprise* Prize Winner
*Armand refused to come into the bedroom as he was watching he asked me to come to the TV area. Dia tengah leka sangat tengok TV, sempat lah dia buat satu cabutan, tapi dia malas pegang..*

Tahniah Sherry! Anda telah memenangi hadiah "kejutan":
A blog header by Jiji bernilai RM50. Sila contact contact dia ya untuk beri apa-apa specs dsb ya..and please give her some time to complete this..sebab kena "beratur" lah ye tunggu turn :)

You can check out my blogged here about the contest. 


  1. Sherry, belum contact Jiji lagi ke untuk your blog header design? Ada seminggu je lagi ni sebab apparently dia ada masa 2 minggu la untuk pemenang2 claim prize. Sebab dia pun busy tu. Can you please email her at rumadatme_g at yahoo dot com

    Contact dia a.s.a.p tau..kalau tak terlepas nanti..!


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