Friday, January 29, 2010

Written by Mys

I love blogging and contest, I got to know Mys from blogging contest. She too has a blog about contest she taken part on blogsphere. Written by Mys is where she blog about her life and review on other blogs. The blog is page rank 2 and easy to browse, I like the blog design of two columns template.

To get to know more of Mys, let's read about her first boyfriend and last boyfriend who is also her hubby and father to her children now. Mys is a mom of two wonderful kids. If she not taken part in the Girls Talk, I wouldn't know about this. Reading first tag of the New Year I get to know Mys better from what types of movies she love to watch and things she look forward to.

Even though Mys is a mom of two children, she is able to update her blog daily. You can visit her blog to see everyday post. Mys from Philppines and I am glad to know so many bloggers from there. Mys is one of the Level 2 sponsors of the Kaye and Pehpot's huge contest where you stand the chance to win $500 and more.

You can also take part in letters that I'll never send, it is every 3rd Thursday of the month. For more info just click on banner below. 

BIG Blogversary Contest

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